bVanish Entertainment group is delighted to present Verushaka Darling Australia's most talented drag queen. Verushka Darling has had her own show on MTV (Verushka’s Closet) for several years; winner of many DIVA awards, still entertains A list events across Australia. Witty and Stylish, Verushka Darlings drag show is comical, energetic and very entertaining. Furthermore, Verushka is ever so popular as the host of events. She is a gorgeously glamorous drag queen and her humour is cheeky, up-to-date and incredibly funny.

Stunning Drag queen Verushka Darling’s show consists of a variety of songs and funny monologues that just simply give audiences some good old fashioned laughs. Melbourne Drag Show magazine described Verushka as Australia’s Number One Drag Queen. Sydney Star Observer wrote “this drag queen is by far the funniest girl in Australia”. Her funny Drag show even featured in Brisbane’s comedian festival where she also received rave reviews not only from the Brisbane Drag Queen scene but also from the general public. She will be a hit at your event too.



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